Guided breathwork

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Meditation that (finally)
works for you.

If you’ve got a mind that just doesn’t stop, we know traditional mindfulness can be hard.  That’s why we bring you beginner-friendly meditation that pairs deep breathing with musical journeys to get you instantly out of your head and relaxed.

Think of it like a spin class for your brain.


Melt away tension, reduce stress hormone levels, and experience whole-body relaxation.


Clear your mind and effortlessly let go of those persistent anxious thought patterns.


Feeling lethargic or sluggish at home? Bolster your energy, creativity, and motivation levels.


Strengthen your presence and concentration, while reducing the impact of distractions at home.


Unwind from a busy day and help your mind and body restfully sleep (and stay asleep).


Prevent harmful and persistent stress hormones from suppressing your immune response.