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Keep your mental health strong with live virtual guided meditations from MINDSET brain gym.

Keep your stress and anxiety in check with our renowned breathwork and mindfulness classes – streamed live in premium stereo sound from our Toronto flagship studio to your home.

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Streaming live in stereo sound from our Toronto studio 7 days a week.

Beginner-friendly meditation classes that will have you feeling immediately refreshed and recharged.

An invigorating breathwork technique from certified Wim Hof instructors that resets your energy levels, immune response, and stress-related tension.

7:45am  Tuesday thru Thursday
7:00pm  Monday (Extended)
6:30pm  Wednesday / Friday
11:00am  Saturday / Sunday

Breathe to the beats in this anxiety-relieving connected breathwork class. Each class features different curated musical playlists perfect for unwinding after a long day and getting ready for bed.

6:30pm  Tuesday
8:00pm  Thursday

Enjoy a classic guided mindfulness meditation that will help you reset, recharge, and melt away your stress levels. Join in on an express mid-day mindfulness break, or go deeper with your practice in the evening.

12:30pm  Weekdays (Express)
5:30pm  Tuesday / Thursday / Friday

Embrace your inner human with this nourishing contemplative meditation style. Strengthen gratitude, empathy, self-compassion, patience, and perspective.

5:30pm  Monday / Wednesday

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