On-demand wellness for your team.

Provide your employees with unlimited access to live-streamed classes and “listen-anytime” guided meditations to manage stress, anxiety, and isolation.

Meditation for

For us, nothing replaces live human-to-human interaction. That’s why we’re not an app – we’re an online meditation studio that streams classes live seven days a week.

Our instructors are passionate about helping you strengthen your mental health. Connect with them after every class with questions that develop your practice.

Can’t make a live session? Stream a past recording or on-demand meditation whenever your schedule allows.

Try the live difference

On-demand wellness for your team.


Access to facility 7 days out of the month, Basic group classes, Personal Coach.



Bronze + Unlimited Access to facilties from every day from 9am - 10pm, Personal nutritionist, Personal trainer.



Silver + Fully unlimited access to facility, Bi-monthly therapy, Monthly massage.



Gold + Business Coaching, Bi-weekly therapy, Access to cryotherapy and thermotherapy rooms, Spa package discounts.


Packages for employers of all sizes.

More than 250 users? Contact us for enterprise solutions including branded portals and dedicated classes for your organization.