A note on Live classes

Due to both the economic and health impacts of COVID-19, MINDSET brain gym is ceasing operations on July 11th.  Because of this, new live-streamed classes will unfortunately no longer be offered on this platform after this date.

Learn more about MINDSET's closure

What this means for .video subscribers

As our gift to you, we will continue to make available past recordings for each class for free to our current subscribers until October 2020. Subscribers will no longer be billed going forward.

Follow our teachers

Our incredible teachers Steve, Marie, Jennifer, and Stacy continue to provide meditation services through their individual platforms.

Steve Beattie

You can follow Steve on Instagram or Facebook @breathinginnature  or on his website breathinginnature.com.  Steve will continue to provide streamed Stoic Breath classes as part of the gift economy, which you can sign up for here.  Or if you’d like to go deeper with his new 7-day ~breathe~ course, you can get 15% off by signing up for his quarterly newsletter.

Marie Bodine

You can follow Marie on Instagram @marie.bodine  or follow her page on the official Wim Hof website.  Marie will continue to provide streamed restorative Power Breath classes via Crowdcast. You can also follow Marie on Eventbrite to get updates on her upcoming workshops.

Stacy Chang-Christoforou

You can follow Stacy on Instagram @irie.soul  or on her website iriesoul.com. Stacy continues to provide weekly live meditation events through her online TmrwTday Together community (@tmrw.tday) as part of the gift economy.

Jennifer Mansell

You can follow Jenn on Instagram @jmansell  or by signing up for her newsletter.  Jenn continues to provide private breathwork sessions and coaching via her website jennmansell.com.